Sanitation Manager-GA

The Sanitation Manager is responsible for management of sanitation operations and staff ensuring appropriate sanitation standards are met. Must be available to work two days on 1st shift and 2 days on 2nd shift per week.
Duties and Responsibilities
Manages all facility sanitation functions. Oversees daily workloads and work with supervisors to continuously improve employee productivity and efficiency.
Is responsible for instruction/training of chemical use, safety procedures and equipment use.
Trains, supervises and moticates sanitation supervisors and workers.
Monitors pest control activity.
Reviews and develops sanitation plans, procedures and training as necessary.
Is responsible for documentation and follow-up of plant sanitation schedules.
Maintains cleaning schedules. Maintains supply usage and quantity logs.
Is responsible for purchasing and maintaining all chemicals, sanitation supplies, and first aid supplies.
Is responsible for manufacturing, distributing and consistently maintaining safe and quality food by following good manufacturing practices, allergen controls, food defense, HACCP and SQF requirements.
Is responsible for immediately reporting all food safety and quality issues to your manager.
Is responsible for partnering with others; Sharing knowledge, skills and information within your team and across functional areas.
Is responsible for enhancing technical and functional competencies, as well as professional and leadership development.
Five plus years experience in sanitation management.
Prefer experience in a food processing environment, with dry sanitation.
Knowledge of sanitation chemicals required.
College completion or coursework preferred, high school diploma or equivalent required.
Pest Control certification preferred.
Job Specific Requirements:
In the event that the Sanitation Manager is absent, the Department Manager is responsible for providing an equally qualified person to cover this position.

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